Another Saturday night and I’ve got somebody…

Saturday September 20, 2007

Here I sit, pondering life and the beauty of it all. Gordie has gone to watch the Red Sox/Indians game and I’m home “babysitting” which is just as well. My babies are all tucked in, and I can hear little Hadley snoring on the monitor. Whitney will be FIVE in just shy of two months, a thought that has been on my mind so much. Where has half of a decade gone!??! We are so incredibly fortunate, albeit sometimes overwhelmed by these incredible children, all so sweet and lovely in their own ways. Even in times of turmoil (and we do have those times!) there is something so amazing about them.

I’ve been thinking about Whitney turning FIVE and I really am in such awe of the little girl she is becoming. And little Tom, sandwiched between those two sisters, is just dreamy. He started “school” two days a week at Joyful Noises and his favorite friend is Brady (pronounce Bwahdy by Tom, even cuter…). His favorite thing to say to me is “Mommy…I love you so much.” It makes my heart melt. I absolutely adore him. Hadley is a chunkamonka rough-and-tumble third child. She wipes out and I hardly hear a peep. Today she climbed up on the toilet seat and was attempting to stand up. Her staticky-blond hair looks to be straight out of the eighties…totally comical.

Gordie claims to not be religious, and I’m not sure what I believe, but one thing is true…we are blessed. So although yes, I am stuck home tonight and he is out drinking beer and watching baseball, I feel fine about my evening in. Peace and quiet by myself is a wonderful thing sometimes…these moments are few and far between these days.


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