Yogurt in my dishwasher

Isn’t it amazing what our children say? The other night, just before bath time, I was filling up my dishwasher with liquid soap and Tom said, “Mommy- why are you putting yogurt in the dishwasher?” It truly was so cute. He has been on a bit of a roll lately. Our cat passed away 6 months ago and we talk about how “Max is in the sky with God.” Recently he said, “Mommy, you know Max took a plane to get to heaven and he can take one back if he wants to.” Almost as funny as the time Whitney and I had been talking about heaven and in referring to someone we knew who had passed away, she said, “Yes mommy, she went to Kevin’s”

So when you run out of soap- hey, try yogurt. Not a bad idea. You never know how those dishes might turn out!


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