To Kindergarten she will go…

I’ve just returned from new parents night at Steward School, where Whitney will start kindergarten in September. To imagine 6 Septembers ago, she was still in my belly. How very far we’ve come. She has turned into such an amazing little girl—curious, imaginative, loves to learn and read and have fun…and yet so stubborn and set in her ways at times (hmmm. like mother, like daughter?). Tonight I came home to find her still awake, Sofie having tucked her in, and she was “journaling”, writing in a little Disney notebook that she keeps in her room. She was excited to show me something she wrote earlier in the year, and something she just wrote.

Next Thursday will wrap up the 3 joyous years she has had at Trinity. It will be my first major milestone as a mother of watching a child transition from one school to the next, but certainly not my last. She has been blessed with wonderful teachers, and I would have to say that Mrs. Turcotte will be the one she will miss the most. She really has a special bond with her.

After hearing the cancer diagnosis of an old friend yesterday, the simple things that are summer will be that much more savored and appreciated…swimming together, filling the car and house with sand from days on the beach, the smell of the salt water on the kids’ skin as we drive home, grilling out, and listening to the crickets sing us to sleep. Then we’ll have Maine- a true slice of heaven, with the loons at night, marshmellows, and the views of Katahdin. I count each of my children as blessings every day…they truly are.

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