Little black bikini

It’s official- I bought myself a bikini. I know, I know…36 y/old mom of 3 in a bikini…yep, I’m going for it. I’ve decided I don’t care what anyone thinks. Or perhaps it’s that I want to be as far away from a skirt as possible. That is my worst nightmare.
As for other news, our garden is all planted…now if we can just not kill everything in it, we’ll be heading in the right direction.
The kids are all hyped up because daddy is home. I am sure they’ll settle down just in time to go to Bermuda on Sunday.
Gordie’s car broke down today, and Tom had two questions:
“Was Whitney scared?” followed by “Did the doors fall off?”
Well, the doors may as well of fallen off because I think Gordie is going to have to get himself a new car. The estimate is $2400 and that is about the value of the car. Looks like we are going car shopping!
The sweet smells of summer are in the air. The frogs are so loud down by the pond, and the crickets are singing just outside the door. Loving life and the beauty of it all! Bon nuit!

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