Working towards green…an update

While in Bermuda, I came across an amazing book, recommended by my friend Ashley Clapp entitled “Healthy Child Healthy World” by Christopher Gavigan. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in taking a hard look at the world around them. I know I have been saying I wanted to make some serious changes in our lifestyle, and I feel like this book finally gives me a solid action plan. With Tom’s asthma, I have to think outside the box of nebulizers and inhalers. Clearly, I can provide a cleaner and safer environment. I am starting with my cleaning products. Last year I converted over to Shaklee products (love them…), but still have been hanging on to some of my oldies…pledge, comet, soft scrub. I am vowing to change to all non-toxic products in the next 2 weeks. We can live without the fumes! Other great lines including Method are available- you just have to look.

I think what has struck me most is the faith Americans have put into assuming that products on our shelves are safe for us. This goes well beyond cleaning products of course. I truly don’t know if I should be angry or sad about the fact that so many readily available products are packed with harmful chemicals and carcinogens. We need to wake up and smell the coffee. Isn’t it ironic to be trying to clean your house while at the same time inhaling harmful fumes? Case and point: Gordie had to spray a hornet nest outside our back door last night. This morning, I awoke to find my hanging plant dead nearby. Yuck. My quest has begun!


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