The (plastic-free) drink is on me!

All the buzz right now is around the nasty plastics in children’s sippy cups. There’s a lot of “bad” plastic out there, and I’m trading up! Sure, plastic tumblers from Target seem great for the pool area and yard, but do you know what you might be ingesting? As the cup warms up, you risk leaching Bisphenol A into whatever you are drinking. Bisphenol A is something I am familiar with, because it’s a suspected hormone disruptor. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, and much research shows a significant link between these illnesses and hormone disruptors such as Bisphenol A. Trust me, you don’t want to voluntarily risk consuming this or any other chemical, or put your children at risk either.

So what are some options?

I’m a huge fan of the Kleen Kanteens ( Visit their site for a huge selection. I got the sippy cups for all of my kids, and we reuse them every day (they can go right into the dishwasher). I even got my husband a replacement for his Nalgene bottle at work.

And, as of today, we are plastic-tumbler-free. Just before writing here, I bid them all goodbye and good riddance. With all the lovely glass options, so what if I break a few here and there? And there’s always oversized paper cups for those who just can’t bring themselves to take glass outside. Happy (cleaner) drinking!


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