Trash the triclosan

I really thought I was doing our family a service recently when I stocked up on a massive bottle of the “leading brand” of dish liquid dish soap. Yesterday, I looked at the ingredients…gulp…Triclosan. I’ve read about how bad this chemical is for our environment- it is directly linked to other pollutants. We don’t have conclusive evidence of the negative impact of this chemical on our bodies just yet. Perhaps even more upsetting to me is the statement on the side of the bottle- “If swallowed, get medical help, or contact Poison Control Center right away” Knowing now what I know about the availability of a fine selection of organic options, I’m getting rid of this product as soon as we use it up. I can’t see what is good about putting something poisonous on our dishes and hands when we don’t have to.
Not sure what to switch to?
Here are your best bets for a great dishwashing experience:
Shaklee’s dish soap (you can order online)
Seventh Generation dish soap (look for store locations- Target has this brand now).
So think about it…one simple, and safe step for today!

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