Chlorine…the downside of brand-name diapers.

I must admit, diapers are one area I have thought about before but never acted on. I can’t believe I made such a big deal out of switching to chlorine-free diapers. Do it! Let me start by saying how flabergasted I was to learn how long it takes name brand diapers to break down…up t0 500 YEARS! And, did you know that the mass market diapers contain ingredients banned from women’s tampons in the eighties?!?
So what are the alternatives?
1. It’s a great new concept- velcro panties with an insertable liner. The company claims the liner will break down in 50-150 days. I should have done this from the get-go with my daughter, Hadley. She is now 20 months, and I introduced them too late. She tugged on the panties and whimpered “don’t like it, mama.” I love the concept, and would imagine it would work fine if that is all the child ever knows. My friend Ashley is having her third and is trying gDiapers all the way.
2. My favorite find has been chlorine-free diapers from Tender Care. They work well for Hadley, who was already used to a more traditional diaper.
If you’re a mom post-diapers (lucky you!) consider giving the gift of chlorine-free diapers to someone you know who is expecting.


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