Sunblocks…what to use!?!

I’m a huge proponent of sunblock. I have three small children and I can’t let them outside without lubing them up. I’ve been all over the map this summer with sunblocks. The best resource I’ve found is the now-much-talked-about Skin Deep database. They even have a special section on sunblock:
I’m personally comfortable with using a product in the 0-3 rating range. You can check out the list and see where your sunblock ranks and of course decide what you are comfortable with. I’ve used Blue Lizard for face (really liked it), No-Ad 60 (I was shocked that No-Ad rates so safely, good to know), Kiss my face 30 with Oat (loved it), and I’ve had exposure this summer to a fair number of the “leading brands”…here are their scores:
-I’ve used several Neutrogena products, and many of them rate a 2 or 3, not bad
-I JUST purchased an Aveeno “active naturals” product (sounds safe, right), SPF 55, and it rates a 7! Bummer! Not a repeat I guess.
Anyhow, it is certainly worth researching on your own. Why slather on toxic chemicals when there seem to be so many good alternatives?


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