Deep breath…drumroll, please…SNOWDAY!

Oh good lord people. I can DRIVE her there. I’ll pick up every child in my neighborhood for that matter. The forecast says “wintry mix- 2-4 inches”…do you think I invested in all this outerwear for it to sit inside on days like this? I am so annoyed. I saw the cancellation notice (we get ours from the superintendant) in my inbox and I practically had to dig out my childbirth breathing techniques. DEEP Cleansing breathe. Breathe in once. Exhale twice quickly. Then scream in pain, or in this case, frustration.
Am I mistaken or when I was a child didn’t they call it the morning OF the storm, not the night before? I recall them waiting to see a few cars going off the road into ditches before deciding maybe it wasn’t safe for the bus. At this rate, we’ll have to go in for a class party for the 4th of July…wonderful.
The part that stinks about all of this is that many of my friends will call tomorrow or email saying, “oh, but it was OK. We had a nice family day. Don stayed home with me.” Well good for you, June Cleaver. My husband is from Vermont. He will call it a “dusting” and be out the door at his usual time. He’ll roll in at his usual time, and lord only knows what’ll be left of this place. I’m trying to make the best of this, but somebody throw me a bone!


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