A quick run-down on the day…and how was yours?

So we got through the snow day. The kids actually did really well until about 9:30 when the first gloves went on. Prior to that, there was a lot of peace, love, and happiness while they played Barbies (yep, Tom too). By 10:15, Hadley was down for the count and the bell went off. Tom had whacked her over a toy dispute. I think I speak for other moms too: I have a house FULL of toys, but it always comes down to one toy that they want to draw the Mason-Dixon line over.

My favorite inquiry today:
Tom: “Mommy, why do we have a couch in our playroom that has stuffing coming out of it?” My thoughts exactly. In fact, it’s a circa 1980’s relic that my husband’s aunt gave us with a lovely tropical parrot print that has been wasting away in Margaritaville for way too long and needs to go to goodwill. But, you see, love him as I do, my husband cannot part with anything.

A bit after 11, I exclaimed in a bubbly voice somewhat like Julie McCoy on the Promenade Deck, “Hey guys, how about some fresh air?” The suit-up began. Maybe 23 minutes later we were outside. It was 11:42. At 12:06 Hadley threw off her mittens and was cold. Stuck her in the car seat with the van door open. Set up our beach umbrella on the lawn. Kids thought that was a hoot.

Baked cookies. Kids fought that I did not give equal amounts of turns in the mixing process. Cookies were like soup, and all ran together into one big Gookie. Ate anyway.

Quiet time again a bust. Renaming it to loud time. Contemplating turning up AC/DC and proclaiming it the loudest part of the day. Often feels that way.

Afternoon a blur from 3 PM on. Hadley came apart at the seams around 4. Tom about 4:30, saying his throat hurt. Tom whacked Whitney with a pillow and she cried that he “almost knocked my tooth out.” On exam, it looked fine to me (you know, home health aide is one of my many job titles).

The dinner hour was nothing sort of atrocious. Everyone was wiped out. We didn’t really do much all day, so I was a bit surprised. They usually are nothing like that. Maybe I let them eat too many cookies.

Today marks 10 years since Gordie and I met at the 21st Amendment in Boston. Every day has been a blessing, even ones like this when I want to pull my hair out. I am truly fortunate, I know that. And how was YOUR day?


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