The joy of sick

Well, I’ve been MIA because I’ve been down for the count since last week with the worst cold, sore throat, and cough. Funny, I had recently been reveling in the fact that we’ve all been so healthy this winter. I was secretly patting myself on the back for making my children wash their hands to the point of being raw. In public places, I was casting judgmental glances at snotty-nosed and coughing kids thinking their moms needed to stock up on more hand sanitizer. Now look at me. I’ve blown my nose so many times that it’s a miracle it’s still attached to my face.

My kids haven’t felt well either. Impatient and whiny kids plus sick mummy = significant issues on the home front. The worst part is I’ve pretty much lost my voice. Try yelling at your kids with no voice. It’s a really effective parenting style that I do not recommend. I am going to make a mental note to burn a CD of myself for the future when I lose my voice like this. It would have come in very useful and I could have just mouthed along:

Track 1 “stop fighting. share! you better share or you’ll have to have a time out!”
Track 2: “ok, time to clean up guys! who wants to be a good helper today?”
Track 3: “no hitting. we do not hit. that was not a good choice, and you have to go to time out now.”
Track 4: “if you’re realllly good, i’ll let you watch a show”

You get the picture.

Now let’s discuss the husbands for a moment. I am not going to throw mine under the bus because he has gone the extra mile when possible this past week. But I seriously think they would have to be taking me out our front door on a stretcher with paddles on my chest for him to offer to stay home. Every morning I’ve been sick, he nervously asks, “How are you feeling?” He is clearly mentally assessing the situation: {She is standing, not leaning over. She appears to be taking in oxygen. She is making eye contact. Her vital signs appear normal enough. OK, I’m outta here.} Don’t you love that?

Anyhow, I am heading to the doctors office this afternoon with two out of my three kids in tow. That should be a real treat! Hopefully they will give me some serious drugs and I’ll be on the mend soon. If there’s one thing that I’ve realized, it is that there is barely ever such thing as a day off. When you’re a mom you’ve got to reach way back to an expression we used to use all the time in college: suck it up and deal!


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