Happy 8th Anniversary!

In honor of my husband, I made a vow to finally update my blog. It’s our 8th anniversary and here’s how I’ll be spending my day:

-Attending a picnic at a local playground with preschoolers from my son’s class. The playground is called the “tot lot” but should really be called the rot lot. It all needs to be replaced, and every time we go, someone manages to get a splinter or three. If one of the children needs to use the bathroom while we are there, off we go to the porta-potty. I am someone who would be happier soiling myself then using a porta-potty, but that does not set much of an example. I’ll be sure to drink very little in anticipation of the outing.

-Picking up Whitney after Daisy’s and rush her home in time for a 4:30 piano lesson.

-Enjoying day 1 of my period.

-Recovering from a one hour Pilates class I took last night where I almost threw up. Thanks to my monthly visitor, my stomach looks bigger, not flatter, as a result of my hard work.

-Grilling up some “manager’s special” steaks from Market Basket. Depending on how I feel, I’ll be pairing them with either a bottle of cheap wine from Costco (I always pick some wine up there when I’m shelling out half our monthly budget on diapers and wipes there) or a glass of foul-tasting tap water with lemon (We keep saying we are going to install a proper water filtration system one of these days, but it has yet to happen).

-As for the gift…I looked online for the chart of anniversary gifts by year. This year, the traditional gift is bronze/pottery. The modern is linens/lace, and they even show a picture of a skimpy little something. Don’t they realize that by 8 years into marriage most couples are in the thick of familyhood and the chances of the Mrs. donning some sexy little number are about as good as having daytime sex? I’ve always been a traditionalist, so should I go for the pottery? We do need a new downstairs toilet…would porcelain count?

Or maybe I will just hold out until the end of the week and go for the lace. That would mean a trip to Victoria’s Secret. The last time that I was in that place was to buy a new bra. I asked to be fitted, explaining to the woman that I was a 34 B, but could she please just double-check? She quickly confirmed that I had indeed shrunk to a 34 A. I was surprised she didn’t send me down the hall to the Macy’s junior department for a training bra. Instead, she sold me a bra with so much padding that I looked like I was ready to try out for the football team. I’ll sit on this decision for a few days and keep you posted. For now, he’s getting a card and the gourmet dinner mentioned above.

Yesterday I explained to my son Tom (4) that today was our anniversary. He wanted to know who babysat for him while we were at the church. Ah, the things our sweet children say. Happy Anniversary Gordie! For now, enjoy the chaos we’ve been blessed with, and even though today will be like most of our other days, that’s what I love about you and our amazing life!

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