The modern memoirs

Happy Saturday!

I’m totally engrossed in a great book called THE DIRTY LIFE, a memoir by Kristin Kimball.  Kimball is a Harvard graduate, who worked for years as a freelance writer in NYC before falling in love with a farmer.  She gives up a rent-controlled apartment to move to the Lake Champlain area, where she and her then-fiancee start a farm.  Their lofty goal: to supply a full diet to their community year-round at a fairly high price point for an economically depressed area.  Kimball does an excellent job of describing daily life on the farm including everything from the daily milking to the rat-infested farmhouse she is lucky enough to call home.

I find myself drawn to modern memoirs, with my other recent favorites being THE MIDDLE PLACE by Kelly Corrigan and THE GIRLS FROM AMES by Jeffrey Zaslow.  At 25, I would not have appreciated these books.  My life is in a place that I quickly latch on to anyone telling their stories filled with raw emotion or significant life loss or gain.  Perhaps it’s a longing for confirmation that I am not alone.  I’m always feeling so frantic to get where I need to go, physically and emotionally.  When I finish books like these, my mind and my heart feel comforted for days because I feel like I’ve made a new friend who is in many ways just like me.

If you have other memoirs you can recommend, please share.   Here are the links to the books and websites, FYI.




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