A Pinteresting Friday!

It’s a wet and dreary day in Vermont, and after several great days of skiing, we are inside today.  It’s been a terrific week enjoying family time.  Everyone is resting or reading, and I find myself on Pinterest, like a junk food addict who just can’t put down the chips.

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?  Not only is it my newest vice, it’s also incredibly fun.  It’s an endless daydream for those who get hooked into creating boards and sharing them around.  If you are curious, the last I heard there is a waiting list to join!   I’m dreaming in pink today about how simply adorable I could make Whitney and Hadley’s bedrooms.

Great fabrics, inexpensive artwork, and thoughtful storage can make all the difference!


Typically, I love any type of fabric combination that includes pink and green.  This room is fabulous, from the unique headboards to the trio of pillows.  I love the lighting too!  I do some sewing, and I made a friends’ baby a blanket out of this awesome paisley fabric.  It is a very versatile fabric in terms of color.

I also love this room though, as blues and pinks together are somewhat unexpected…

The pink roman shades against the blue paint make for a stunning combination!  I love the fabric pattern, as well as the sun pillow on the floor!  The mirror is different, and the ceramic pink lamp looks like a gumball at first glance.

This room is super, too!

I love the crisp fabrics used for the bed linens.  Look at the rugby-striped ceiling!  The built-ins are great, too.  I also love the two sconces with the pictures displayed in between them.  I find it edgy to put the light blue into the pink and green mix, and it works!


I’ve always been a firm believer that the true value of art is only in the eye of the beholder.  I think it is entirely possible to achieve a great look on the walls without breaking the bank.  Here are some pieces I found on Pinterest that you might like too:

I found this on Etsy.  LOVE.

On a budget?  Who, me?  I love this.  Frame a copy of a favorite poem.  You could even frame a cover from a favorite children’s book.

And of course a silhouette of your child is so dear…


When I was little, I remember visiting my aunt.  She had a kitchy little sign by her backdoor that read “BLESS THIS MESS.”  I’m so not interested in ever owning a sign like that.  I’m obsessed with storage, and have been very, very slowly streamlining it in my own home.  Of course an enormous mudroom would be nice, but we don’t all have fairy godmothers.  Here are some ideas I saw that I like:

This looks to be a boy’s room but you get the idea.  I love the mix of baskets and books!

Can you ever go wrong with IKEA?  I got Tom something like this for his legos, and it has been great.

I love the mix of fabrics here.  I also like the size of the bins.  There are a lot of other fabric choices that you could put with this when decorating the rest of the room.

Visit my pinboards if you want to see what other ideas I’ve found.  Most of the pins have links right to their origins if you are looking to figure out where an item came from!


Have a pinteresting day!




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