One Ca$h Lane

Recently, I’ve had the misfortune of becoming addicted to One Kings Lane (  The website sells high-end home decor for a fraction of the retail price.

I love the stylish name, but let’s get real.  We all dream of living like kings, on a fancy little lane lined with topiaries trimmed by Martha’s gardeners.  They really should rename it One Ca$h Lane, because after a visit or two there, you will find yourself seriously considering purchases that would have even Nate Berkus doubting you.  There are also items offered that are so pricey I cannot figure out who on earth is buying them sight unseen.  I am talking about $15,000 oriental rugs and $8,000 couches.  This is coupled by the fact that you usually can’t return anything.

There are two problematic issues for me when it comes to sites like this: the limited quantities stocked and the fact that the items are only available for a few days.

Almost every day at 11:00 a.m., I race to the computer to check out the new offerings.  It’s not only the appeal of the goods, but the prices.  That being said, more often than not, there are numerous items that I absolutely have no use for yet I still find myself wracking my brain to find a reason to buy them.  Here are a few items I spotted today:

Kimono Petite Tray and Candle Set from Fringe Studio ( ).  RETAIL: $30.  One Ca$h Lane: $12!  So even if you have no idea where to put it, who to give it to, or what the hell to do with it, it is still hard to say no to an $18 discount!  Right?

Here I am diving into another day of motherhood.  This bronze diver from Dessau Home ( will leave you wondering why you have no sculptures in your house, and where you should add one or two into the mix.  This little number can be yours for $119, with a RETAIL price of $235!  That makes starting a sculpture collection totally justifiable, right?

After a few days on sale, the words “ending soon” pop up on my screen and I kick in full overdrive.  What if the sage green afghan throw is gone?  What about the hand-woven basket that would be perfect for the dog toys?  The 8×10 area rug with the pink lattice design seems too good to pass up, even if I am not sure it will actually fit in my daughter’s room.  Thoughts of a better offer never coming along force me to the brink of rash decision-making and reckless spending.

I have bought some lovely things, and do enjoy surfing the site, but it’s a habit I need to kick…and fast.  Otherwise, I may be living on One Bankrupt Lane (with all of my little One Kings Lane tchotchkes to boot).



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