40 Songs I couldn’t run without

I used to hate running.  I would think of any excuse to do anything but run.  Now I love it, and I think it’s because I have three small children and running truly gives me an outlet.  It’s also the best way I know to break a sweat quickly and feel like you really did something active.

I would not have become the consistent runner that I am without my music.  I’m all over the place with what I like, and as you will see from my list, it’s not all super fast either.  For me, most of the music I like to run to goes all the way back to songs that were hits when I was in middle school.  There are songs that make me think of college nights dancing my heart away in smelly basements, songs I played while backpacking through Europe, and songs I listened to during all those years I spent driving to and from sales calls.  The music provides an excellent outlet for me to think about all that is in the past as well as all I have to look forward to (including finishing the run).  If you love to run too, or love music, I’d enjoy your suggestions too as my mixes get stale after awhile.  If you’re someone on the edge, wondering how you could ever be a runner, consider doing what I did by first loading up your iPod with tons of music that you love.  What do you have to lose?

1. Come Dancing ~ THE KINKS

2. 8675309/JENNY

3. Viva la Vida ~ COLDPLAY

4. Don’t Stop Believin’ ~ JOURNEY

5. Einstein On the Beach ~COUNTING CROWS

6. Rain On the Scarecrow ~ JOHN MELLENCAMP

7. Perfect ~ PINK

8. Born This Way ~ LADY GAGA

9. Club Can’t Handle Me ~ FLO RIDA


11. Livin’ on a Prayer ~ BON JOVI

12. Shadows of the night ~ PAT BENETAR

13. Ages of You ~ REM

14. Give Me Everything ~ PITBULL

15. Borderline ~ MADONNA

16. Single Ladies ~ BEYONCE

17. Give a Little Bit ~ SUPERTRAMP

18. That’s The Way Love Goes ~ JANET JACKSON

19. Groove Is In the Heart ~ DEE LITE

20. Someone Like You ~ SAFETYSUIT

21. We Found Love ~ RIHANNA

22. Poker Face ~ LADY GAGA

23. Somebody Told Me ~ KILLERS


25. When You Were Young ~ THE KILLERS

26. The Humpty Dance ~ DIGITAL UNDERGROUND

27. December, 1963 (Oh What a Night) ~ Frankie Valli

28. I’m Coming Out ~ Diana Ross

29. Bust a Move ~ YOUNG MC

30. Dynamite ~ TAIO CRUZ

31. Break Your Heart ~ TAIO CRUZ

32. Time For Me To Fly ~ REO SPEEDWAGON

33. Mr. Brightside ~ THE KILLERS

34. Sweet Caroline ~ NEIL DIAMOND

35. In A Daydream ~ FREDDY JONES BAND

36. This Years Love ~ DAVID GRAY

37. Memory Motel ~ THE ROLLING STONES

38. Walk On ~ U2

39. Firework ~ KATY PERRY

40. California Girls ~ KATY PERRY


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