40 thoughts that make me smile


1. The night I met my husband…January 28, 1999.

2. My first day of preschool, holding a little American flag as my mother taught me the Pledge of Allegiance (yes, I still remember that).

3. My high school chemistry teacher, Dick Kellom, who taught me that I really could balance equations.  I’ve never worked so hard for a B-!

4. Doing the Park Street Run in college- topless, down to Phi Sig and back.

5. The door opening at the back of Trinity Church on my wedding day and seeing my soon-to-be-husband at the altar.

6. Driving around Tulsa, Oklahoma in my high school boyfriend’s black BMW 2002 blasting REM’s DEAD LETTER OFFICE.

7. Riding the J-bar with Mason Young at Black Mountain, around 1980.

8. Walking to Eaton’s with my grandmother to pick out a candy bar.

9.  My junior year abroad in France.

10.  The birth of my first baby, Whitney.

11.  The birth of my second baby, Thomas, named after his grandfather.  I will never forget when Dr. Hernandez held him up and said, “Well, I think we all know what THAT is!”

12.  The birth of my second daughter, Hadley.  Oh how I secretly wanted another girl.  How lucky I was.

13. My first date with my husband…eight hours long.

14. Cross-country skiing in the hills of Austria with college friends.

15.  Baking Christmas cookies and making gingerbread houses with my mother.

16. Hot baths in North Conway after a day skiing at Cranmore as a young girl.

17. Christmas eve 1993 in Verbier with about twenty French folks.

18. Watching 90210 at KDS before heading out to the Hoot Owl or Tick Tock at SLU.

19. Singing “Jerusalem” one last time in June 1990 and realizing the milestone of high school graduation.

20. Summer camp dances: the preparations, the hype, the dancing, the kissing.

21.  My 9th grade French teacher telling a classmate in her worst English possible, “Yooo are an asshole!”

22.  My father returning our Christmas tree to Ann & Hope.

23. My great-aunt Mary trying to order a hot dog at McDonald’s.

24. My younger sister Birch dumping baby powder all over the rug at a friends’ house.

25. My youngest daughter Hadley dumping an entire bottle of baby powder all over the stairs.

26. My daughter Whitney, at around age 3, when asked what Daddy does at work all day: “Nothing.  He just looks around.”

27.  My son Tom telling me he’d like to play either the ticktar or penano when he grows up.

28.  The hike on our honeymoon.  Followed by disclosure of vipers.

29. Meeting Kevin Costner and Jack Nicklaus.  I was with co-workers and we all kept saying how Costner looks WAY better on-screen!

30. Our blue wedding cake.  Something blue.

31. All the sweat equity we put into our first house.

32.  Great ski days at Bromley.

33. Max, my cat (1993-2006).

34. Dave Matthews at SLU, Spring 1994.

35. Working at my grandfather’s store, TW Rogers, in Lynn.

36. Teaching myself to sew (I don’t recommend).

37. My mother’s obsession with yard sales.

38.  Bus stop with Mer and Ellen in Middle School.

39. The half-dozen Laura Ashley dresses I owned in high school.

40. My family.

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