Style your life with Mr. Rogers

I got a new sweater for Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t have one, you are missing out.  As usual, I am on the cutting edge of fashion.  I got my first pair of skinny jeans this Christmas, for example.  High boots?  I went from zero to two pairs in 2010, after they’d been on the scene for five years.  Trends change too quickly for me to keep up, so I tend to hold out for the ones that stick for a while before jumping on the wagon.

Let’s get back to my sweater.  Here it is!

This is the “Better Sweater” from Patagonia (  It is a Mr. Rogers sweater on steroids.  It is thicker, plusher, and contains no flammable blend fabric.  I’m wearing it Mr. Rogers style too.  I put it on as soon as I get up, and take it off when I get dressed to go outside.  When I come home, my trusty grey friend is waiting with open arms.

Here is one Fred Rogers actually wore:

Bless his heart, as it’s now hanging in the Smithsonian.  I think my best chance of having any clothing item on display would be if Glamour Magazine opened a Museum of Fashion Don’ts.  Yours truly has a couple of pieces that would certainly make the final list.

There is one key difference between myself and Mr. Rogers: it was always a beautiful day in his god damn perfect little neighborhood.  How was that possible?   A bachelor pad never looked so good, but then again, I don’t think Mr. Rogers was ever the type to deposit empties and dirty boxers on his floor.  His world was serenity at its’ finest.  He just busted through that door, threw the sweater on, and would just chill out until it was time visit Make Believe. As much as I’d like a trip to Make Believe now and then, I’m not holding my breath.   I may get snubbed by the gals at Barney’s, but rest assured there is nothing quite like this cozy number.

Don’t miss out…soon, you can be as fashion forward as Fred and I!




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