The Graduate


We’ve had children at Trinity Preschool for seven years (!) and Thursday will mark the end of an era for our family.  Time spent at the water table, playing blocks, and painting with smocks will be permanently replaced with buying hot lunch, riding the bus, and writing in journals.  Also, something new and exciting is happening on June 4th.  For the first time, our preschool is holding a formal graduation ceremony, complete with caps and gowns.

 Hadley is very excited about graduation, and told me yesterday that she will be speaking into a microphone.  “Why?” I asked, curious to know more.  “Well, we have to say what we will be when we grow up,” she said.  “What do you think you will be?” I responded.  “Well, either a teacher or an engineer I think.”  I was impressed with her choices, but queried more, “Do you know what an engineer is, Hadley?”  Brief pause.  “No, but that’s what Jackson wants to be and it sounds interesting.”  

Hadley has been in kindergarten prep mode for several months.  She has a small notebook where she copies down words she wants to learn.  She has two workbooks where she has been proactively working on her writing and letters.  She has so much enthusiasm and zest for life and a sense of determination that I can’t say I’ve seen in my other children in quite the same way.  Just last week, we needed an extra body at Whitney’s soccer practice and I took a chance and put her in for the scrimmage.  Not only did she try, she beat several slow-moving 9 year-old girls to the ball.  She never once complained of being hot, tired, or needing a break.  

Yesterday when I picked her up from school, I asked her if she had narrowed down her career choice.  “No, mom, I haven’t.  I’m so fed up.”  Concerned this was becoming stressful for her, I said, “Oh Hadley, it’s just for fun!”  She gave me a confused look, before answering, “No Mom, we had cupcakes and popcorn and juice at snack.  That’s why I’m fed up.”  Preschool speak for “I’m full.”  I smiled, knowing then and there that no matter how big my children get, I’ll always have funny things to write about in the journals I keep for them.  This will have a special spot right after the time she asked me “Why did you vote for Charlie Brown for Senator?”  

Thanks for making me smile each and every day.  Happy Graduation!




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