Discovering Letterboxing

NO, I did not make this darling list on this cute chalkboard with these fun painted chairs!  It does, however, make me pause and realize how quickly summer comes and goes.  July 1 is upon us, and there is so much fun to be had.  I feel as if we are just now settling into our laid-back lazy summer routine.  Backpacks have been washed and put away, and their hooks have been taken over with beach bags stuffed with goggles, towels, and swimsuits.

While I hope to cover many of the great ideas on this chalkboard with the kids, I wanted to fill you in on our latest find: letterboxing.  Do you know about it?  If not, read more here:  Hopefully you will be fascinated like my kids and I are!

Letterboxing feels like a secret society with endless opportunities for fun.  We did our first two a few days ago, and we are branching out to other towns now.  There are over 20,000 clues hidden in North America in every state.  You begin with a trail name, a blank book, a stamp, and a sense of adventure.  The clues can be found on the website.  When you reach the site, you must find the clue (not as easy as you think sometimes!) using the description provided on the website.  You then leave your stamp in the book they’ve provided, and take an imprint of their stamp in your book.  Be sure to leave your trail name, and any comments for the person who placed the clue.

I recommend packing a snack, bug spray, and that you wear comfortable shoes.  Our first clue was well hidden in the woods, so be sure to keep an eye out for poison ivy, too!  Also, it recommends on the website that you have special stamp made, but we just used a stamp we had around the house.  If you don’t have one, pick one up at Michael’s or AC Moore.

Fun, free, and so much fun!  Perfect for a rainy day or any other day you are looking for a great adventure with the kids.   It would also be a great activity for your babysitter to do with the kids if you are a working mom.  Happy trails!





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