Dreaming of a NEW office FOR ME…

January always sparks that desire to reorganize and start anew.  From weight loss products assuring big returns to ads for The Container Store, promises of a new year and a new you are abundant.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a working mom, you probably crave a little space just for you. I ‘m dreaming of a new office in the room over our garage.  It’s a large space, and the prior owners used it as a man town, complete with a pool table and lots of dark wood paneling.  While my husband thought that might be fun to re-create, I quickly assured him that the room is better suited for mom town.  I plan to put a new pullout sofa there as well for our overnight guests (I would also LOVE your ideas on where to get the most comfortable queen sized-pullout at a reasonable price!), and use part of the room for quiet reading if the kids want to get away.  I’ve found some awesome looking offices (see photos below), but like most people, have a limited budget.  I would love your creative ideas on where to shop or how to design the space.  Ikea interests me (www.ikea.com), but I’m totally intimidated. You can see my other ideas on my pinterest board WHERE MAMA WORKS.







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