Brooke’s Bookshelf: Facing The Lion

My daughter is ten, and is a voracious reader.   I was thrilled when she came home from my mother-in-law’s house with a copy of a wonderful book called “Facing The Lion: Growing Up Maasai On The African Savanna.”  Two days later, she had read it cover-to-cover and told me how much she enjoyed it.

The book is about the life of Joseph Lekuton, whom I first met amidst preppy white kids, plastic solo cups, and cheap beer in the basement of Sigma Chi my freshman year at St. Lawrence.  It was a frigid winter night, and I remember him telling me he had never seen snow until his arrival in America, not even in pictures.  He was funny, interesting, and kind.

Joseph is from Kenya.  He doesn’t know his exact birthdate, as it was never documented.  His mother does not know how to read or write.  Half of the people in his country live below the poverty line,  and the average annual income is $1,100.  His village sold off over 90 goats and cows to pay for his plane ticket to America so he could attend St. Lawrence in 1989.

He went on from St. Lawrence to get an advance degree at Harvard.  Many believe he may be the President of Kenya someday.  This is an interesting  article that will tell you more about him:

His story is worth a read, for you or for your children.  He is an extremely inspiring person.




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