Yes, Fourteen Years


Yes, it was January 28, 1999.  Yes, it was a dive bar.  Yes, I was there with another guy.  Yes, I saw you and knew I would marry you.  Yes, I know you have always thought that to be Velveeta-cheesy to the bone.  Yes, I wish you believed in ghosts and spirits.  Yes, I drove on our first date (and got a parking ticket).  Yes, we’ve been up, down, and all around the color wheel of emotion.  Yes, I hated it when you started a business.  Yes, now I am a believer too.   Yes, having three kids in under four years was my idea and it is a lot of work.  Yes, I nag too much.  Yes, I keep the heat too high.  Yes, I talk on the phone while chewing my food.  Yes, I’m terrified of heights and I worry way too much.  Yes, I hate reading directions of any kind.  Yes, I’ll never understand how anyone can nap every day. Yes, I still don’t know what I will be when I grow up. Yes, I drove the car into the garage with the Yakima box on top by mistake just last week.  Yes, you’re a great dad, husband, and friend.  Yes, we have three amazing kids, a pretty perfect life, and no, I wouldn’t change a thing.




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