DIY: Be Mine

We’ve been snowed in for 24 hours, so I decided to tackle Hadley’s Valentine’s Day cards with her.  It may be one of the last years I actually get to make handmade cards with one of my kids, as the older two have moved on to the “cooler” store-bought kind.  I actually did these with Whitney in second grade and they were a huge hit.  Several people asked me then where I found out about them.  I think I saw them in a magazine at one point.  Ideally, they look best wrapped around a box of Brach’s conversation hearts, but we aren’t allowed to send candy to school (bah humbug) so we will add a pencil for fun.  If you’re looking for a last-minute cute idea, these work for boys or girls.  I found the printables here:

We printed what we needed…they come two to a sheet.


Then we cut them out…


Hadley wrote her name in the “from” line…


Then we glued them all onto red construction paper to make them stiffer.  The red will be the inside of the card, where she can write each child’s name.


We trimmed them all neatly and folded them along the gray lines.


We finished them off by having her write the names inside and then taping in the pencil.  I bought a large pack at  LOVE that place.

Voila, we were done!


So easy, original, inexpensive, and a fun way to pass a snowy afternoon.

Be Mine!




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