Little Minds, Big Thoughts




Little minds can produce big thoughts, and I’ve learned to never underestimate the meaningful messages my children are capable of delivering.

Consider this adorable note Whitney wrote to Santa last year on Christmas Eve.  This letter will serve as lasting proof for me that she had a magical childhood of believing.


I also love the card Tom made me for my 40th birthday last year.   Simple, but spot on with his message.


I spotted this hanging on Hadley’s door last night.   I almost spit out my water when I saw it and was admittedly doubled over in laughter.   I suspect it’s supposed to be me because her hair is mostly blond and mine is dark brown. I’m not sure what to make of the fact that I look like Mommy Scissor hands, or that I have the meanest eyebrows ever.



One of the hardest things for me to let go of as my kids get older is the fact that the artwork, cards, and letters they’ve written like these will not continue forever.   Someday, not too far in the future, they will all spell well and write neatly.   A decade from now I will feel fortunate not to be forgotten on my birthday.  I’ll secretly hope they will take time out of a busy day at their first job or an evening out with friends to call me.   A couple of years ago, I bought some large Rubbermaid storage boxes and labeled one for each child.  I keep all of my favorite things each of them has made in them, and have them on a shelf in my basement.  I envision myself pulling them down one day in fifteen years and sifting through the contents with each of the kids, incredulous that their hands actually made those creations such a seemingly short time ago.

Have a great week!




One thought on “Little Minds, Big Thoughts

  1. Those are so cute and I defiitely chuckled at Hadley’s note on her door! I often think the same things and thank you for the rubbermaid tote idea!! My plastic bags aren’t working so well.

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