Target Time

After the day I had yesterday (more on that in the next post), I was in need of some retail therapy today.  I often find myself drifting through the aisles at Target  (pronounced Tar-jay for we fancy suburban moms) after I’ve had a really bad day.  It’s the perfect medicine when you are feeling down, save the fact that you will undoubtedly spend somewhere between $95-105 every time.  I’m such a sure bet to drop $100 per visit that when I spend less, I feel compelled to grab the customer service phone and tell everyone I just celebrated an $89.99 day.  When the sales person asks if I’d like to save 10% by opening a Target charge, I feel like I’ve already beaten them to it by saying no to the pastel melamine Easter plate in the seasonal section.

A big plus to visiting Target is the comfort I find in seeing so many moms in one place.  There are many moms there who are definitely in the weeds: screaming child (or two) throwing items out of the cart in protest of the entire outing.  The desperate mother rips into a package of goldfish she hadn’t planned to buy and hands it to the snot-nosed drippy kid who is shuddering from his own tears at this point.  These women put a spring back in my step as I remember that I won’t have to deal with those scenarios again.  Part of me wants to grab them in a comforting hug and part of me wants to scream “Sucks to be you!” in a tone that projects grade-school immaturity as I skip past them, alone with my cart.

Target is a magnetic gathering spot for we frequent flier moms.  We’ve together logged so many miles in motherhood that we put platinum level status at the Admiral’s Club Lounge to shame.  We come in, we knowingly smile at one another in passing, we shop,  we push our sturdy red carts out to the parking lot and we continue on to the next leg of our journeys.

Today’s Target Tour yielded something I thought was awesome, and it was only $.99.


So many cards at this price point are cheap looking.  I don’t buy them because they are ugly and they scream to their recipient that you found them on a clearance rack.   They have these cards I found today in stock for many occasions, and they are made by Carleton.  This adorable birthday card is made on glossy card stock with cute artwork.  If you’re like me, you crave the look for less on everything.  My level of excitement over this one little card proves that.

The next time I have a rough day I’ll be going back to stock up on more, and by then the PEEPS will be on the shelf.  Maybe I’ll see you there?




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