DIY: Window

If you’re like me, your home improvement list is a mile long.  Unless you have an ATM in your living room, chances are you are consistently reigning in your projects.  It’s a constant struggle: you desperately want to channel Martha Stewart and make your home look like it’s  destined for HOUSE BEAUTIFUL.  Instead, you have anxiety that someone from HOARDERS might knock on the door and ask you about your plans for all of the clutter that you appear to be drowning in.

One of the realizations that my husband and I came to years ago is that there are a select number of house projects that we can easily do on our own.  Painting is at the top of the list.  I recently set about getting quotes for a very large picture window that is in the room over our garage.  The quotes were high, which came as no surprise.  It’s a time-intensive project, with lots of detail.  My plan is to paint the frame and wall white, and lighten up the entire space.  The best thing about painting projects is the sense of accomplishment I promise you will feel when you see the final result.

I started with this helpful video for tips on how to best prep the window:

(My husband should be very proud.  He often scolds me for launching into a project without reading the directions properly).

Next, I applied what I learned:


See how big this window is?  I wasn’t kidding!

Next, I took a trip to the hardware store in search of a really good primer to go over the dark stain.  I ended up with this:


I went with oil-based primer because it will provide a thicker coating and really sink in.  One interesting thing I learned:  I can then paint with latex over this.  You CAN paint latex over oil.  You CANNOT paint oil over latex.

After I prime, I’ll need to choose a white paint.  Maybe I should trade in my house coat for this before getting started?



(Note: the manufacturer markets this as a “bunny suit”.  Does that mean I could count it as lingerie?)

Even if your kids are young, you can paint at night.  A glass of wine, good music, and your husband helping out makes for a productive date night.  For a little money and some elbow grease, you will have a fresh new look for a fraction of the price of hiring a painter.  Chances are, your work will be neater anyway!

Spring is the PERFECT time to pick a project like this that you can do on your own: out with the old, in with the new.

Make it happen sister.  Have fun!




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