Brooke’s Bookshelf: Owney


Gordie is going into Tom’s class this week as a Mystery Guest reader and he needed a book idea.  He came up with Owney, and it’s a fabulous idea.  Owney is written by Mona Kerby, ( and she even maintains a blog about this inspirational story that you can follow:

All of my children love the true story of Owney, who walked into a U.S. Post Office in 1888 and then spent the next nine years of his life riding mail trains around the country.  The book would make a perfect gift for children ages 5-8, or check it out at your local library.   All animal lovers will feel immediately attached to Owney. as you follow his journey.  It’s fascinating to see all of the places he goes!  Also, if you are ever in Washington, D.C., you can visit him (well, a stuffed version of him…) at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum!

Here is a link with more information on the book:

Of course even dogs have their own Facebook pages these days!  Check out Owney’s here:

Happy reading!




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