DIY: Discovering Tagxedo


I love when my children introduce me to something that I’ve never heard of and it turns out to be really cool.  Have you discovered Tagxedo yet? (  It’s a super site where you can create custom designs in many shapes, colors, and sizes.  You can simply save your image like I did here, or you can create gifts like tee shirts, bags, and mugs.  From the home page, click on “create” to get started.   Next, click on “load” and enter a list of words you would like to include in your design.  My kids each made one, and each put their name and about a dozen things that they like to do.  Then we clicked “submit”.  To choose designs simply click on “shapes.”  For colors, click on “themes” and choose from a myriad of combinations.

It is so fun, and you could easily spend hours playing around with different ideas.  Perfect for Mother’s Day, a milestone birthday, or just because!  I read that they are in Beta mode, so I’m sure they’d appreciate it if you “like” them on Facebook too:

Happy creating!




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