DIY: 3 Quick Spring Ideas To Spruce Things Up

Spring is the BEST time to start thinking about how to spruce your place up on both a limited amount of money and time.  Even though you might be dreaming of a bulldozer pulling up to flatten that part of your home that you just don’t like, it’s never going to happen.  Taking the approach that a little bit goes a long way will make positive things happen.   Here are three things you can do now give your home a little spring in its’ step:

1.  Commit to seasonal decorating, starting with Spring.  My kids are the ones who have made this happen after years of telling me we are just *NOT* in the spirit over here on Candlewood Drive.  It doesn’t need to be overdone, but consider displaying 5-6 items per holiday.  Easter is a perfect holiday to start with, or even St. Patrick’s Day.   Decorating will put you in a good mood, and add character to your house with little to no effort.  Undoubtedly, my favorite spots for finding these items are and  For something homemade, is fabulous and you could spend hours browsing there.  Having had my own sewing business, I love supporting local artisans.  Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

Find a cute bunny or two to display…


Consider a centerpiece or decorating a prominent mantle.  You can usually find pretty wooden eggs at places like Crate and Barrel or Williams-Sonoma.  I have some and when my kids are really good, I tell them we can do an inside Easter egg hunt with them.  You’d be amazed how many hours we’ve passed doing that!


How cute is this little bunny towel?  So fun for your kitchen,bathroom, or to give as a hostess gift.  I found it here:


2. Repurpose what you have.  I am a huge fan of this one.  Chances are, you have a few old wedding presents kicking around in the basement that never found a home.  Or maybe you went to one of those Southern Living parties years back and bought something to be nice to the hostess but never knew how to use it.  Pinterest is a great resource for creative ideas on repurposing.  Here are just a few things I saw and love:

I have a few of these hurricanes around.  Grab some greens and fill with eggs.  Not an Easter person?  Try potpourri, fruit, or shells.


Perhaps my favorite go-to is fruit combined with any type of glass bowl.  Lemons seem suitable for Spring because I think of fresh air and lots of cleaning.  In the Fall, I love using green apples on the table.  Do you have any old vases from flowers you were sent?  Clean them up with windex and buy a bag of lemons the next time you are at the store!


Use old containers as planters and start seeds inside with your kids.  They LOVE doing this.  The ideas for containers are limitless!


3.  Update your photos.  I’m a HUGE fan of decorating with lots and lots of photos.  It’s inexpensive, looks great, and the memories will make you happy each and every day.  I use Shutterfly, and am also always on the lookout for great deals on photo canvases.  Here are some pretty ideas you might like if you’re thinking of adding some new frames.  Otherwise, just change out some of your pictures for more current ones.

LOVE the Chevron!


I adore as she is a Block Island girl.  She sells these decoupage frames.  Just one would make your room stand out!


A few small changes and everyone who stops in will start saying, “I love what you’ve done with the place!”




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