DIY: Fun With Fabric Paint

As my good friends know, I love to sew.  However, I’ve been searching for new ideas for baby gifts.  Fabric paint is a fun choice, and you do not need to be Renoir to have success with it.  I recently made a onesie for a baby gift.  It was fast, fun, and affordable.  This project isn’t just for onesies!  You can also use fabric paint on t-shirts, canvas tote bags, or aprons.  To purchase blank items like this, check out:  You also can do rugby stripes like I did, or do a chevron stripe pattern.

Here is an overview of my onesie project.

I bought a pack of blank onesies like the one you see here.


I also picked out fabric paint that I liked.


I needed masking tape, paint, and a decent paint brush to get started.  I was now ready to make the stripes.


Once the stripes were set, it was time to apply the paint.


Once it was dry, I carefully removed the tape and reset it to make the second color of stripes.  You can see I went with a light pink/hot pink combination, which struck me as the ultimate “girly” choice.


I was almost done.  Again, let the second coat dry 1-2 hours to be safe.  Here’s what it looked like once I took the tape off:


For the finishing touch, I hand painted her initial on the top in the center.  Mothers love personalized gifts!


I’m going to include a note with the gift letting my friend know she should wash the onesie inside out.  I would recommend the delicate cycle.  Either tumble dry or line dry.  Fabric painted items can be washed 72 hours after they dry.

Like what you see but just can’t imagine taking this on?  Check out these cute Etsy shops where you can buy fabric painted onesies:

Have fun!




One thought on “DIY: Fun With Fabric Paint

  1. Hello Sister !

    also, you should iron it 24h later and let it in water with salt for 48h
    then you can even boil the clothe and the paint will never fade.


    Pauline, your French sister

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