DIY: The Window Is Done!

Remember the ugly window that I wanted to paint?


Well, it took awhile, but it’s done!  I still need to spray paint the chandelier and get some new lampshades, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  The prep work and the primer was the worst part.  Primer is just nasty, no matter what.  The smell disgusted me, and I advise having great ventilation when using it! The paint was tedious, due to the many bars I had to paint.  I also learned that there are definitely different grades of masking tape.  The type I used was far too sticky.  The next time I do this, I’ll ask for something more manageable at the hardware store.  It took one coat of primer plus two coats of white paint.  The clean-up involved using a razor blade to scrape off unwanted paint in the corners and lots of dusting and then vacuuming up the area.

Here is the finished window:


As you can see, I still need to paint the bookshelves on each side.  The photo is not great, but I’ve been waiting several days to try to get a picture to share.  The lamp on the table was $5 at the Salvation Army, and was black.   I spray painted it silver and then bought this shade from the new Target home collection, called THRESHOLD:  So cute, and very reasonable.  They have some great new items in that collection!

I got the curtain rod at Home Depot, and the curtains were left over from my mother-in-law’s husband’s house when they moved.  Ideally, I may eventually replace the curtains so they close all the way, but for now they look great.  The table was my grandmother’s, and my next project may be to fix that up.  It’s an antique though, so I’m not totally certain where to bring with that.

I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I’m excited to tackle my next project!



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