A Glimpse Of My Morning

All this happened today before 8:30 a.m., and all of it made me smile.


Part # 1: The Music Teacher

My kids have a new music teacher.  I guess she’s o.k. because my son HATED music last year and he says it’s not bad this year.  Since Hadley had music today, we were talking about the teacher:

ME:  “So, is she nice?”

HADLEY: “Yes, very.”

ME: “I noticed that she’s a MISS, so I’m guessing she’s pretty young?”

HADLEY: “Mom, how old are you again?”

ME: “41”

HADLEY: “OK, then I would say she is 43.”

TOM: (listening in from other room) “She is NOT 43 Hadley!  She is MUUUUCCCCH younger!”

ME: “Why do you say that?  Is she less wrinkly than me?”

TOM: “MOM!  I didn’t say that.  Just that there is no way she is 43.  She is young, not old.”

HADLEY: “Well, I say she’s 43, and anyways, you’re much prettier mom.”


Part #2: THE CAR

My car isn’t doing well.  It needs a new catalytic converter, which I think is just a word for “special part to make your car stop sounding like a lawn mower that just sucked up a log”.  It also needs new rear brakes.  The tab for all of that will be somewhere north of $1500, so I’m avoiding the repair, probably until I’m roadside calling my husband for a ride.

This morning, I dropped the kids off at school.  Tom was walking out to the driveway when I turned the car on.  It definitely sounded bad.

His eyebrows raised, and he cast a disapproving glance in my direction.

TOM: “Mom, WHAT is wrong with the car?”

ME: “It’s no big deal honey, just a little repair that I really need to get done.”

TOM: “Are we going to make it to school OK in this thing?”

ME: “I don’t see why not.  If we break down, we’ll walk.  It’s a lovely day.”

TOM: “Doesn’t dad keep telling you to get a new car?”

ME: (Silent.  Smile in rear view mirror.  Wait for comment to pass).

TOM:  (Spoken in stern tone, sounding very parental) “I think you need to listen to Dad more, Mom.”

Here’s to another average day in my life.  Thankfully, it’s Friday!  Have a great weekend!




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