The Blessings Of The Season

My son is in third grade and he gave me this the other day.  He was a bit frantic, claiming it was late.  We left it out for our elf, in hopes that it would quickly be transported back to The North Pole.  I marveled at the detail in his drawings.  It was exactly what I needed on a day when I was frenzied, losing track of what the season is all about.  You can see some of my handwriting on it too because as I was tucking him into bed, he asked me to add a few things he had neglected to include.



We are all in the final countdown: 48 hours of craziness as we prepare for the big day.  There will be last-minute errands where some jackass steals your parking spot, long lines at the grocery store, and a frantic dash to get the wrapping done.  The day will arrive, the relatives will arrive for what you hope will be a drama-free visit, someone will burn a casserole, gifts will be torn open so fast, and everything will be over in a flash.  The dust will settle, and hopefully you’ll look around and realize that the biggest blessings of the season have been there all along.   Sometimes stopping to appreciate the simplest things in life is all I need.

I included a favorite quote on our family Christmas card this year:

“What if today, we were just grateful for everything?” -CHARLIE BROWN

Merry Christmas!




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