Must-Haves: Cuddl Duds

Are you in the loop on Cuddl Duds?  The tank top my mother gave me for Christmas ranks in my top few gifts, and is a perfect example of a thoughtful present that didn’t break the bank.  For around $15, it’s a gift that is sure to be a hit.  It came from Kohl’s, but you can probably find them all over the place.  I am going to buy a few more, and now consider it a staple for my winter wardrobe.  Cuddl Duds are extra-perfect for people like me.  I’m typically freezing from December until March, so the more layers, the better!

Here is the one I own:


You can find it here:  I’m not a loyal Kohl’s shopper, but some of my peeps who are tell me there are a million ways to get great deals there.  Or, just go directly to their website: and check things out.

I love it because it is super soft and just stretchy enough without losing its form.  It’s also very versatile.  I’ve worn it skiing as well as to work under my shirt when we were experiencing frigid weather last week.

I browsed through their website this morning, and there appears to be something for everyone, including great looking long johns for the skiers in your family.

Are you a man looking for something for your gal pal for Valentine’s Day?  Let’s face it, lingerie is tacky and hard to buy.  Never mind that it speaks to your manly desperation, which we women are already well aware of.  We love you, but we want clothing that we can actually wear!  I think Cuddl Duds have some degree of sexiness about them, especially if you pair them with another thoughtful gift.

Stay warm!  Check these out!




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