Lists: 6 Fabulous Monogrammed Gift Ideas


Today it is dreary and cold here in Boston and I decided to write about something bright and colorful to hopefully make you think of sunny days ahead.

I’ve always LOVED monogrammed gifts.  Whether you display initials or a full name, nothing compares to giving or receiving a personalized gift.  Each time I receive one, it adds an extra layer of feeling special because I know there had to be some actual thought and planning that went into choosing it for me.

Monogrammed gifts are an ideal choice for new mothers and their babies, for teachers, and for kids.  They are also great for your friends, either for birthdays or to give as hostess gifts.  I tend to pick out functional gifts to monogram that won’t break the bank, in hopes that they will be used and enjoyed often.

With so many choices, where could you begin?  I recently went on a hunt for a few ideas.  Here’s what I came up with:

1.  Monogrammed Pashmina:  My husband is from Vermont, and it always feels like it’s about 50 degrees in my house because he keeps the heat so low.  I’m constantly wearing a vest or a cozy scarf at this time of the year so my teeth don’t chatter.  Pashminas are the best because they are so soft.  I found these here : and it looks like they have a bunch of awesome monogrammed gifts.  The ones in the picture are actually “cashmere-feel”, but for $22.99, I say you can’t go wrong.

2. Monogrammed Canvas:  I LOVE this as a gift for my own children, or for a niece, nephew, or god child. They are so bright and fun!  I searched for them on etsy.  Here are a couple of great shops I found:

3. Monogrammed Plates:  There are lots of great choices out there.  I like this website for their bold patterns and design choices:  Plates are so useful.  I’ve given them to young children as a gift, as well as to anyone who has an outdoor area such as a deck or pool that they use a lot in the warmer months.  They are also perfect for any beach house!

4. Monogrammed Burp Cloths: New moms will love you and thank you for a gift that is useful.  Nobody can survived without burp cloths!  Why not personalize them and make them extra stylish?  There are many options available.  I happen to love the ones pictured above, and found them here:  I also love this website:  Their burp cloths hold up well.  People LOVE to receive personalized baby gifts.  Now that my babies are big, these once-personalized gifts are now worn and stained but in their own special way make keepsakes.

5. Monogrammed Towels: I think these are so fun and colorful, and certainly useful.  I found them here:    They have about a zillion great monogrammed items on their website.  I like these towels because of their unique and colorful designs.  They are not the run-of-the-mill Pottery Barn ones that everyone buys.  At $55, they are affordable and would make great end-of-year gifts for teachers.

6. Monogrammed Longchamps Bags: A friend of mine has the real deal, and got it monogrammed on site at Nordstrom, which I think would be worth the splurge.  There are also lots of imitations floating around for the same look but a lot less money.  Tiny Tulip has them for $42.50:  I would love to get one of these for Mother’s Day!  I also found fun wristlets versions on Marly Lilly for just $16.99:–_c_118.html

Happy Shopping!




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