Life: Defining My Blog


I remember my first job out of college like it was yesterday.  I was a territory manager for Revlon, visiting drug and grocery chains on a daily basis taking orders and merchandising rows and rows of makeup.  At our first training session in Detroit (where our manager was based), we were asked to write down our goals.  I’d never done this for a job, and it seemed daunting to set them. Not crash the company car?  Turn in my expense reports on time?  Learn how to set up a plan-o-gram?  Eventually I figured out there was a bonus program, and I set my sights on that.  I wrote it down, and within six months was cashing my first big check.

I’ve been told many times since then that if you write down your goals, your chances of success go up exponentially.  I thought I would take a minute to share my goals for my blog.  A conversation with a friend has stuck with me, prompting this post.

She commented that she wished I were writing more essays about motherhood on a more consistent basis. It definitely started as a way for me to write about motherhood, and I certainly want to be more consistent about posting.  When I started, my children were 2, 4, and 6.  The days were long and I felt in the weeds most of the time.

I still have tales of motherhood as a primary goal, but now I also have more time and am interested in blogging about additional topics.

I enjoy writing my blog because it’s constantly evolving.  I also find comfort in knowing I have one place to write everything down, whether it’s a tale about motherhood or a recipe a friend gave me to try.  The therapeutic part for me is knowing it’s all here, as evidence that I (hopefully) made a small and meaningful contribution to the world.

My goals:

*Share my stories about motherhood: raising kids, love and marriage, and all things family.

*Share my love of all things creative: DIY, sewing, crafting, painting.

*Share great recipes as I find them and try them.

*Share great book ideas.  I love to read, and my kids do too.

*In all areas, start to receive more feedback from my readers.

I hope you’ll keep visiting.  I love and value all of your support!





2 thoughts on “Life: Defining My Blog

  1. Hi Brooke,

    I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your blogs on any topic. You see and explain things so realistically it is easy to see oneself in your descriptions. There is comfort in knowing that others are experiencing some of the same things as you and it is enlightening to hear a different viewpoint on a familiar topic. Keep up the good work!

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