Eat: Five-Minute Chicken


In college, all the guys went to a hair dresser in town called five-minute Linda.  While you can speculate about where they came up with the name, the word on the street was that she could give a great trim in a short amount of time.  This earned her a positive reputation: quick and good.  This is my mantra when it comes to cooking dinner.

Cooking dinner for my family is something that stresses me out almost on a daily basis.  While I’d love to be able to tell you I have some cute little spreadsheet with meals planned out weeks in advance, as I write, I don’t even know what we are going to have to eat tonight.

This dish is delicious and easy.  You can make this in five minutes or less, let it marinate all day, and if you make extra, you’ve even got lunch for the next day.

My new find is chicken thighs.  I’m kind of over breasts for right now (my own included if we’re going to be open about things).  This recipe can be made with boneless or bone-in thighs.  I’ve baked them and grilled them.  I would vote for the oven over the grill.  If you do grill them, I’d say about 5 minutes per side on medium heat.

Here is what you need:

6-8 chicken thighs of choice

4 TBSP honey (I prefer raw)

6 tsp garlic (in a jar, much faster than the real deal and works just fine in my opinion).

1 TBSP dried parsley (who has time to wash and cut fresh?  Maybe when my kids go to college).

1 C Olive Oil (Olive Oil is a staple item.  It runs my kitchen like gas runs my car.  Keep lots on hand).

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (Add more if your family likes spice).

Mix all ingredients and pour over chicken.  Cover and refrigerate.

Marinate all day if you can, or at least an hour.  Bake for 25 minutes at 425 degrees, or grill.  Grilling does not hold the flavor as well, but it would be better over a salad.

Enjoy your (quick) dinner!




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