Lists: Seven Great Gifts For A Ten Year-Old Boy

My son’s 10th birthday is fast approaching on February 7, and like every other year, I found myself in a post-Christmas panic, frantically searching for gift ideas last week.  I’m still in the process of finding everything, and some of the items on this list we already own, but they will make great birthday presents for his friends.   I’m a fan of compiling ideas in one place!

1. Sports Illustrated Kids ALL NEW Access: Your Behind-The-Scenes Pass To The Coolest Things In Sports, $15. Many boys love sports, and my son falls into that category.  In the past 6 months, we’ve been in a couple of bookstores, and he keeps thumbing through this book. Like many boys his age, he is intrigued with many famous athletes and loves the idea of peeking behind-the-scenes.

2. Panini Sports Sticker Books, $16 for one book and 6 sticker packs.  Talk about a home run gift at an amazingly low price point!  My son LOVES these books, and we have both the NFL and NHL versions.  The sticker packs are just $1 each, so we often use them as rewards for being extra helpful around the house.  I’m certain this is how he knows so much about the many different players as well.  You can also find the books and sticker packs sold at Learning Express, many sporting goods stores like Sports Authority, and even at some White Hen Pantry stores.

3. Davinci’s Catapult with Braindrops, $24.99. We LOVE Marbles, The Brain Store!  My daughter was given the Hydraulic Robotic Arm, and even though it was challenging, loved building it.  My son has asked for the catapult, in part, because he will be able to cause trouble by launching things through the air.  It does say for ages 12+, but with some parental assistance, your child should definitely be able to do this.  They have a great Math and Engineering section on their website where you can see the catapult as well as other ideas.

4. Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Set, $38. We already have this, and I can tell you it is among the best money I have ever spent on anything for my kids.  It has provided my son, his friends, and even his dad, with countless hours of entertainment in our basement.  My only words of advice: make your son wear old pants to play with it, as we have wrecked the knees of several pairs of pants already!

5. 365 Days Of Wonder: Mr. Browne’s Book Of Precepts, $11. We are big Wonder fans, and my son asked if we could get this to read aloud together.  It’s hard to say no to a request like that, so I’ve ordered a copy.

6. Syma Remote Control Helicopter, many colors available, starting around $20. For the money, this is a great toy.  Although not indestructible (I think we are on our third one), by age 10, they become much more in control of the flying.  Before you know it, your husband will want one too.  They also have a cool green Chinook helicopter, which my son has in addition to a red helicopter.

7. LEGO Architecture Series, starting at $29. These sets are fun to put together, and also make great display pieces once completed.  I think I will get my son the Big Ben model this year since we talked about going to London in the future, and it will look nice on his shelf next to the Eiffel Tower he built last year.

Have fun shopping!



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