Happy Easter

I’ve been on a hiatus.  I’ll be back in full force this week.  Easter brings out the best in all of us: too much sugar, fake grass all over the house, and yet another holiday to bring extended family together.  Mine all came for brunch today, and I do love them dearly.  This cartoon made me laugh as I think of my own children, their cousins, and the new generation we are creating:

We always seem to put the “fun” in dysfunction.  Easter, too, brings a bit of confusion for my kids.  Jesus or the Easter Bunny?  What’s this holiday really all about?  Today my son Tom said he heard Jesus had only lived a year and then the Easter bunny picked things up from there.  I seized the opportunity to talk about what Jesus can remind us to do: be patient, love others, and remember that we all have feelings.  “Yes,” chimed in Hadley (age 5).  “Even fish and dolls have feelings you know.”

Earlier in the day, Hadley told us all she was awake at midnight and “definitely heard the Easter bunny hopping up the stairs.”  No wonder my quads are killing me.  Whatever Easter means to you, I hope it was a happy day.



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